El Paso Artists Studio Tour

August 18, 2019Hal MarcusUncategorizedNo Comments


This is a rare opportunity to see Hal’s painting studio, located in a two story converted garage behind his home in Sunset Heights across the street from his Gallery.  Enter through the backyard wonderland of tile mosaics- everywhere you look is enchanted weirdness.  Climb the staircase to find what’s currently on his easel.  Hal will be available to talk and share colorful stories about his profession as an artist for over 50 years.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to see what he’s working on and enjoy the magical courtyard.

Guest Artist and Manager Haydee Alonso will be at the Gallery with her Contemporary Jewelry brand AYAYAY! Artist Francisco Romero will be on hand with his paintings,which reflect his love for Mexico, displayed in the courtyard gazebo behind the house.

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