Thurs. Jan. 31 from 5-8 p.m. ARTalk – Latina Arte

November 14, 2018Hal MarcusUncategorizedNo Comments

ARTalk – Meet the artists!  Join us Thursday January 31 from 5 – 8 pm!

Featuring the artwork of Latina artists: Teresa Fernandez, Carmen Navar, Romy Hawkins, Martha Arzabala, Leticia Luevanos, Lillian Sandova, Erica Zamora, Velia Sanchez and Isabel Olivares

“Latina Arte” is the first all Latin female exhibition at Hal Marcus Gallery. Latin American Art is more relevant today than ever. Vibrant colors, bold composition, three dimensional works, and abstract geometric shapes are all represented in the exhibit.

Latino culture is an inescapable reality; it is important to educate ourselves with the question of what it means to be from Latin America. Latin American art should not necessarily be thought of as a narrative that is entirely separate from that of the United States, but rather as one that is shared.

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