NUDES & MORE Exhibition

March 9, 2019Hal MarcusUncategorizedNo Comments

On exhibit through July 26

Featuring the artwork of: Tom Lea, Hal Marcus, Krystyna Robbins, Estelle Goldman, Willibald De Cabrera, Mauricio Mora, Daniel Padilla, Teresa Fernandez, Isabel Olivares, Francisco Romero, Diego “Robot” Martinez, Mago Gandara, Bill Rakocy, John W. MacKenzie, Lillian Sandoval.

The human figure has been inspiring artists since the beginning of time. Many of the works in museums around the world depict the nude figure. The human form has been used as an expression of emotion.

The nude figure has been depicted in most art forms: two dimensional, three dimensional, literary, performance art, photography and more. Come see what these regional artists have to offer in this very sensual and provocative art exhibit.

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