Warehouse Sale

July 16, 2019Hal MarcusUncategorizedNo Comments

For the past 40 years, Hal Marcus has been collecting local art- a lot of it has been in his warehouse. It’s time for some of the pieces to find new homes!

Some of the artwork is framed, some of if it not framed and some of it is just frames! Come on down and see what kind of treasures you’ll find in this once in a lifetime art sale.

Featuring the artwork of: Mario Parra, Damian, Tom Lea, Stoumbis, Pickett, Bishop, Walles, Hazel Malone, Anna Stanback, Hal Marcus, Evelyn Ainsa, Paul Hoylen Jr., Mark Paulda, Louis Krupp, Daniel Padilla, Willibald de Cabrera, Carlos Rodriguez, Patrick McSherry, Roden Haver, Ada Miller, Bill Rakocy, Mago Gandara, Salvador Dali, Pete Petrello, Peter Hurd, Mary Park, A. Anaga, Allen McChesney, Johnell Crimen, Ray Lopez Aleman, Aileen Shannon, Bob Shepack, Margarita Galetar, Audley Dean Nicols, Russel Waterhouse, Aaron Piña Mora, Frederick Remington , J.B. Porter, Max Hillyard, Lucille Williams, Bill Kweacinski , Ettore “Ted” Degrazia

*on display thru October 25, 2019

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