Adelaide Marcus

Adelaide Marcus explores the full spectrum of expression. As a reflection of her eccentric lifestyle and background in psychology, her art exposes the power of the mind, the allure of the goddess, and the delicate dance of duality. Adelaide loves to blend taboo subjects with the feeling of purity, often merging loaded concepts with light-hearted feels & whimsical color.

Adelaide recognizes art as an alchemist in its ability to bring beauty and focused attention to what’s often ignored, or hard to see. Adelaide’s visionary art empowers the viewer by giving them a space to dive into a transcendent realm, and open to a wider perspective.

Though “out there” in some ways, Adelaide’s art is rooted in personal experiences and is relatable to all kindred humans. To really understand the muse of Adelaide’s expression, you will need to get to know her art! Recognize each creation in its colorful boldness, eye-pleasing composition and imaginative fierceness.



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