Cecil B. Lee

I first began painting in my mid-teens having been inspired by my sister’s paintings. The greatest influences in which I still draw off of are the early abstractionists, Kandinsky, Picasso, Van Gough, Miro, Jackson Pollack being a few. However the entire world of abstractionism captured me ever since I knew there was such an art form.

The last several years I’ve used the colors of our desert area in a style which I call “Southwestern Contemporary” predominately focusing on geometrics which has intrigued me. As of late I’ve also been including some of my personal photos and occasionally other bits and pieces (postage stamps and ephemera), which enhance the overall feeling of my paintings. In addition the use of painter’s masking tape to create the hard edge of the geometrics that certainly are a strong feature of the paintings which have become a signature of mine.

I also have enjoyed working in Pen & Inks. I’ve done several pieces using what I have named, “Simon Slapp’s” which I have let people know is style and not a person. Colorful and always a challenge these works on paper have received a fair share of comments.

Incuding acrylics and pen & inks, I also do a fair share of writings over the years. Several essays have been labled “Sunday Streams” which I’ve always posted on Sundays. I’ve also written many poems again in my own style which may or may not please the purists of poetry. I feel here in the 21stC it has been more than a need to “upgrade” the art from rhyming and repeatedly reading poems I find to be “SAMO SAMO” in content.

Also an enthusiast with photography, I’ve accumulated thousands of digital works of a large variety of subjects that have intrigued me.

Samplings of my various works can be found on Facebook/Cecil B. Lee.


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