Diego “Robot” Martinez

   Born and raised on the El Paso/Juarez border, I was always around bright colors, and influenced by the beauty of traditional Mexican culture. I have always been around creative minds. I’ve learned from and have been inspired by the many artists and musicians in my family. The universal language of creativity has always been a part of my life. My artwork is based on random thoughts and emotions that I am feeling, as if the shapes and colors become metaphors depicting a personal experience or tribulation I have gone through. Using basic and infectious geometric rhythm, this plays throughout many of my works, backgrounds and emphasis of the robot. Inspired by religious icons, cubism, pop, post-impressionism, and graffiti artwork growing up, I use many different mediums to paint. The “robot” is a reflection of the joy inspired by the simplicity and innocence of my daughter, and “robot” is a self-reflection of my own personal life, views, and struggles.

I graduated from UTEP with a degree in education in 2013, and working a special needs class as a fulltime job, and playing a role as an artist and mentor in the El Paso community. I’ve also illustrated a music video for local band Riboflavin “Lightyear’s”, alongside graffiti artist Grenade. I have collaborated with Chingo Bling “Robot” shirt, and have had my shirts in music videos from Snow Tha’ Product’s video “Play.”. I’ve also, appeared on Cincinnati based company Hoist Rehydration Water’s “Lift Limit’s “series on YouTube talking about continuing to follow your dreams and passions. I am currently teaching at EPMA, and I have also taught different workshops with “The Art Avenue.” I was one if the first to move into downtown’s Roderick Artspace. I continue to work closely with my collective Los Visionaries, and Tino Ortega on different art shows, events, and murals throughout the El Paso region.


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