Eugene Thurston: Master Painter of the Southwest by Holly Thurston Cox & Carol Price Miller – $99

June 10, 2016Hal MarcusEvents1 Comment

Eugene Thurston (1896-1993) a mainstay of the El Paso Arts community for more than 70 years, was a teacher, community organizer, family man as well as a master landscape painter whose works brought out the beauty of the area’s mountains. Eugene Thurston: Master Painter of the Southwest celebrates his life and work in 190 art-packed pages. The book also delves into the history of Early El Paso Art, including works by many of Thurston’s contemporaries.

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  1. Travis Merritt says:

    This message is for any of Eugen Thurstons children or family, I went to El Paso Tech Back in the 50’s and he was a wonderful teacher of mine…he saw the desire in me and he took personal intrest in me with my art…we even painted together once and he walked me through my first oil. He even framed it for me. He also got me a inerview with the art dept for El Paso gas for a job. The job took for ever to manafest, so I ended up joining the US Navy. once after I joined I was in boot camp for 2 weeks and my mother said that the gas company wanted to hire me…He was a quiet man with good qualiytes. He loved the desert as I and often told me the passages through it with my paint. I I remember right he had a brother in the furniture business in New England but I never went futher. He had always remind me of Norman Rockwell with his looks, build, and demenor. does he have any prints for sale? I just thought you might know the soft side of him.

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