Jorge Guzman

Originally from the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, in the times when the magic of solid-state electronics began to emerge, Jorge Guzmán has always been fascinated by how technology and culture nurture each other in their co-evolution.

Jorge moved from an early training in music (George Kudirka Academy) to a formal education in electrical engineering (University of Puerto Rico), complemented with practical training in what is called in Puerto Rico the “plastic arts” (Liga de Arte de San Juan). Combining concurrent careers in music, technology and art, his endeavors eventually led him to fuse his work with an integral vision and purpose.

He has coined the name Integrolismo, (derived from Integral, Holistic and Modus Operandi) to define his integration of Art, Music and Technology. Integrolismo is the conceptual and practical way he has developed to use the creative process toward a spiritual integration of being.

In 1995 one of his songs, Doña Lelé, was recorded by Willie Colón and Rubén Blades in their Sony Records production Tras La Tormenta.

His art has been exhibited at the San Juan Art League in 2001 (painting and ceramic) and in 2002 (three-dimensional installation).

His Integrolist Manifesto (registered in Puerto Rico, 2003) is a pictorial exposition of integral worldview, art movement 3-dimensional mapping and alchemical metaphor, working together in the spiral dynamics of spiritual growth.

In 2006 he moved to El Paso to start a renewable fuels refinery where he currently works, applying technological alchemy to transmute used vegetable oil into green energy.

His 3-dimensional artwork was exhibited in January 2011 at the El Paso Public Library

Since 2013 he is one of the featured artists at the Hal Marcus Gallery.His 3-dimensional artwork was exhibited in January 2011 at the El Paso Public Library.



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