Francisco Romero

Francisco Romero was born in 1958 in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. At the early age of 6, he started drawing from cartoon magazines that were on display in the newspaper stands in the streets of Juarez. Painting and music was an integral part of his everyday life throughout his school years.

Francisco graduated from the University of Juarez achieving a degree in interior and graphic design. Immigrating to the United States made a very significant change in his life because he has been able to exhibit his work and mature as an artist in his own right. Many people know Francisco Romero through the artwork and subsequent prints graciously created for numerous non-profit organizations.

His use of color is vibrant and aggressive. He has been inspired by the works of Fernando Botero and Diego Rivera. His themes frequently portray humorous social situations reflecting his love for Mexico. His subjects reflect his experiences with family, friends and his early years in Mexico.

Francisco Romero is well known throughout the El Paso, Juarez, Las Cruces area. He has had successful exhibits throughout the region. His works of art are included in local, regional, national and international collections.



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